Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Do yourself a favor

and check out if you are an outdoors person, motorcyclists, traveler, adventurist, or like living life. My friend Randy has started to sell this small, affordable device, and it could help save your life some day. From the website: "ICE is the acronym for In Case of Emergency - usually the ICE numbers on your phone or a set of dog tags will sometimes have your emergency medical info and contact numbers. After witnessing a crash directly in front of me last year on a group ride out of state, I realized the need that all adventure seekers (motorcycle or not) have to keep their emergency contact information readily available. I knew the first name and the state of origin of the rider who crashed in front of me, nothing more. He was 800+ miles from home and basically, unknown. Fortunately, he was conscious and not more severely hurt that a few busted ribs & collar bone. 30+ people riding a sport touring event, 2 went down within 5 miles of each other in different states and we knew so little about each other besides campfire talk. There had to be a way to keep emergency info closer at hand, in several locations and not be cost prohibitive. At less than $3 each, that's less than a gallon of go juice - what's a piece of mind worth to you and your family? I've solved most of these problems with my product which is licensed through the ICE4SAFETY campaign, which provides training, information, software and products for the ICE program. My data carriers are easily updated at any time, waterproof, lightweight, have no batteries nor memory worries and they are crush proof. The concept is simple - keep at least 2 or more on you at all times and let your riding buddies know about the program. If you go down and get hurt, your family can be contacted immediately and your most recent medical information will be available to first responders. Most other data carriers require batteries, passwords or can not be updated without purchasing a whole new product. It's simple, inexpensive and durable. Wear them as zipper pulls and put them on your key rings, tank bags, boots and more. Redundancy - providing multiple copies ensures at least one should be found in a time of need." The price is ridiculously low for 5 tags, that's enough to put two on yourself, one on the bike, and still have 2 for friends or other vehicles/jackets/boots, etc. I plan on running two on my gear and one on my bike. I'll very likely carry around a ew more to hand out to friends. It's a small price to pay for piece of mind!