2009 XT250

I sold the Yamaha XT on May 5th, 2012. I'm glad it went to who it did, she is very excited to be getting into D/S riding. It was a great bike, but with the KLR, I've realized that I had seriously outgrown the 250. I may, or may not, get a 400cc class bike to supplement the KLR at some point in the future.

I bought my 2009 Yamaha XT250 from MidSouth Motoplex in Clarksville on August 14th of 2010. Kurt was my salesman, a very likeable guy who made the entire process very easy. Ed is the Owner of the shop, a nice large shop with many brands of both used and new bikes, and I worked with him on several things as well. Very cool guys, took good care of me.

I picked up the bike and started compiling a list of things that I wanted to do to it. Here is the modifications list, followed by a brief planned modifications list.

Completed Modifications:

     theICEdevice - It's more important in the event of an accident than clean underwear!

     Shinko SR244 Tires

     Tubliss rear

     Reusable Spoke Weights

     Tusk 30mm handlebar risers

     Acerbis Pro Rally Handguards

     Acerbis Handguard Spoilers

     Larger foot pegs from DMO Specialties

     Ricochet Skidplate

     Seatconcepts seat cover and foam

     Inline fuel filter

     Custom made washable foam air filter

     Yamaha Part 288-14343-70 #140 carb main jet (#135 is stock, now back to stock)

     Teikei VM28/486 #37.5 carb pilot jet (#34 is stock, moved down to #35 jet)

     Removed intake resonator

     "Z1" exhaust mod (1" hole cut in muffler internal cap)

     Removed AIS (not my post)

     Works Connection WR250X Engine Plug kit

     GiantLoop Coyote saddlebag (in white!) from Atomic Moto

     Giant Loop Diablo tank bag

     Tool tube on custom mount

     Moose Racing Dual Sport Fender Pack

     Storm Industries Tool Roll and Tool Tube insert bag

     Dellran Battery Tender Jr.

     BurnsMoto SAE to USB waterproof adapter for GPS

     Wired tank bag with Burnsmoto.com products

     Garmin 60CSx GPS in RAM mount

     HTC Inspire running CyanogenMod 7 (rooted and modded). I use this for music playback and on road navigation. Running Car Dock Home v3 w/ Car Mode and Car Music media player, I dig it

     IASUS XSound Junior in helmet speakers

     Fiio E5 headphone amplifier

     Miscellaneous tools and spares in tool tube, tool roll and fender pack

     LED taillight, Plug-n-Play LED Flasher (for future LED install)

Planned Modifications:

     Tubliss front

     Doubletake Mirrors

     Acerbis Front Fender

     Bigger tank when one is available, or modify an XT225 Clarke 4.1 gallon tank to fit

     LED turn signals