Monday, October 22, 2012


It's been three months since I posted anything new on here. I know I'm almost entirely writing this for myself, but since I've been trying to get into even more writing in general, I can't believe that I've completely neglected this. So..... a recap.

1. I have not done a ton of riding this summer. The bike has some miles on it now, but I just didn't get out as much as I wanted. Of course, I never do. I often talk myself out of riding, mostly because I ride alone so often. I think it's usually better to ride with someone, especially since I like to ride out away from civilization so much.

2. I did go on an overnight trip with Chuck, Troy, and Jeff to Shawnee Forest in Illinois and LBL in Kentucky in August. Great couple of days exploring and camping. Had a blast!

3. Went to the Kenda Tennessee Knock Out Enduro in September..... First one, and AWESOME. Will definitely be going to more such events in the future.

4. Matt (whom I went to New Orleans with) sold his Vulcan a while back, and has had his eyes on a newer bike for a while. I continued to prode him toward a VStrom, and 2 weeks ago, he and I went to Louisianna to pick up his new bike! We took turns riding it back to Memphis. He got a killer deal on a killer bike. Can't wait to help him put some miles on that thing.

5. My companies Fall Festival was this last week, and Karen and I went as we usually do. We played BINGO all night, as me do, and Karen won one of the big prizes! We received a voucher good for 2 round trip flights to nearly any destination in North America! Looks like we are going to Seattle next March! Woohoo!