2001 KLR650

In March of 2012, I bought a 2001 KLR650 when I realized just how much I had outgrown the XT250 for longer road trips. I had planned to hold onto the XT250 for more hardcore stuff, but quickly realized how cramped I was on the bike after riding the KLR for a few weeks. I may replace it with a DRZ400 or similar when I can, but the XT250 was simply too short for me.

My buddy Troy shot me a message about this bike, and it turned out much better than I expected. It had badly oxidized panels that have been repainted at some point, but was really clean. It had just a hair over 14,000 miles on it when I picked it up.

Here are the modifications I have completed:

Maintenance and "must-do" mods

        theICEdevice - It's more important in the event of an accident than clean underwear!

        Did the 'doo

        Hot Foot Moto rear chain guide

        PCV Mod

        Carb T-Mod

        Inline fuel filter

        Various maintenance to get it back to tip-top shop

        Detweeted Stock Muffler to replace the blown apart SuperCrap IDS2

        Rejetted bike to stock jetting, 22cent mod, drilled slide to 7/64"

        Trail Tech Vapor Digital Gauge after the stock speedometer died

        Vapor indicator dashboard

Suspension, Tires and brakes

        Shinko SR244 Tires

        Reusable Spoke Weights

        Galfer Steel braided front and rear brake line

        Ricor Intiminators

        Ricor IAS rear shock


        IMS 6.6 Gallon Tank (with green LEDs on the tank!)

        Cycra CRM Handguards

        Happy Trail Skid Plate

        Happy Trail Rear Master Cylinder Guard

        Eagle Mike Rear Master Cylinder and Brake Pedal Mount


        2HE Clutch Arm Mod - The first thing I did to my bike, and one of the best!

        Seat Concepts Seat --- LOVE IT!

        Moose Racing Steel Folding Shift Lever

        Volar footpegs from D2Moto with Moose Racing Springs (1620-0464)

        PowerMadd Pivoting Riser 475 (PM15430)

        Pro Taper SE ATV Mid handlebars

        BikeMaster Heated Grips

Luggage and Storage

        Large Wolfman Rolie Bag on rear rack

        Storm Industries Tool Roll and Tool Tube insert bag

        Miscellaneous tools and spares in tool roll - See here for more.

        Powertye Adjustable Rack Net

        Giant Loop Diablo tank bag

        Wired tank bag with Burnsmoto.com products

        Wolfman Side Racks

        Wolfman Expedition Dry Saddle Bags

        Moose Racing Spare Tube Fender Pack

"Make it look better" mods

        Wheat Wacker Wedge fairing mod replaced by

        Trail Tech 8" Race Light with Boatman Conversion Kit

        Acerbis NOST front fender

        Acerbis NOST rear fender

        DRC Edge 2 LED taillight

        Turn signals swapped and rears relocated replaced by

        Tuff Lites LED Turn Signals


        Dellran Battery Tender Jr.

        Fuse Relocation Kit from ElectricalConnection.com

        Waterproof USB Power outlet on custom fork mount

        Garmin 60CSx GPS in RAM mount

        Samsung S4 Active for music and navigation.

        DualSportMaps App for Android. Check it out, it's a GREAT application!

        IASUS XSound Junior in helmet speakers

        Fiio E5 headphone amplifier

Current plans are fairly simply things, mostly planning to lengthen the life of the bike, and set it up as a dirt road capable mid-range tourer. I have no delusions that I will ride it far offroad, but being able to take it down dirt or gravel roads when I stumble across them is always nice.

CLEARLY needed to upgrade the rear shock! All better now!

Planned/Potential Future Mods:

        Paint the frame, swing arm, forks black?

        Wolfman Small Expedition tank bag

        New Rear Duffle, maybe the Small Wolfman Expedition duffle?

        Truck-Lite LED

        Euro Switch