Monday, January 23, 2012

It's been a while since I posted anything new about my upcoming trip, so I decided I'd post up a quick update.

Plans and preparation are well underway, and it is only 61 days until my flight leave from Nashville. Needless to say, I'm getting very excited. I've made several purchases of gear, including stuff sacks to fit my GiantLoop Coyote saddlebags, first aid and water sterilization equipment, as well as some electronics stuff. I'm going fairly low key, but will be taking my phone with me to use as a backup GPS and for music, as well as a decently packed first aid kit. I've also bought some off-bike pants (that I hope are too big by the time I leave) and some motorcycle boots. I'd like to get some pants before the trip, but I will probably go with what I've already got and replace some things when I get home.

My buddy Steve (TN-Steve on ADV) gave me a first generation SPOT tracker that he doesn't use, and I've already prepped a twitter account to use to feed my location to this blog and to facebook, and I will also embed the map into my blog before I leave. I have to activate the SPOT first. My buddy Troy (TroyJ650 on ADV) has offered to loan me a GoPro helmet camera as well. I also plan on picking up a point and shoot camera before leaving.

I visited the doctor recently for some unknown abdomen pain, and my regular physician was out of the office for the day. I ended up being examined by the doctor who specializes in foreign travel, so while in his care, I received my Yellow Fever inoculation, Hepatitis-A inoculation, and Typhoid preventative. I was informed that Malaria is not a heavy threat in the area I was visiting, and also received a prescription for Diamox, an altitude sickness medication. I can actually start it before leaving for my trip, and will greatly reduce the likelihood of developing serious issues at altitude.

I have been talking to the motorcycle rental agent, and Victory at has been great. I am going to be renting a bike Monday through Friday, and will be riding up to Machu Picchu on Monday afternoon, via Santa Teresa (the back way into MP). This will allow me to relax in Aguas Calientes on Monday night, explore MP on Tuesday, and make it back to Santa Teresa or Santa Maria on Tuesday evening. I will then have two and a half days to explore the rest of the Sacred Valley.

I was planning on "soloing" this trip, but after much deliberation, some encouragement from Karen, and the realization that I am willing to ride much longer when I'm riding with someone, I've decided that I will enlist a tour guide through Maginka World (Victor, from above). The guide costs more than bike rental does, but for less than $100 a day for the bike and full guide coverage, I'm very happy with the cost. I think I will be able to live off of about $25 a day while there, so YAH!

So, that's enough of an update for now. I will be sure to follow up on this at least once before I leave, and I'll also take a gear shot once I get everything gathered up.

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