Thursday, July 29, 2010

A quick and dissappointing jaunt

I can't believe it's been over 3 weeks since I last rode the bike, but it has been hectic around here and weekends packed lately. On top of that, it's been in the high 90s all month. My pants are mesh-style, but my jacket is solid, and often quite warm.

I jumped on the bike with the plan of running out to Adams, TN, home of the Bell Witch, via TN-256, but within 2-3 miles of the house, I realized that this probably wasn't a great idea. I DEFINITELY have either an electrical issue, or a carb problem. The stator is notorious on CX500s for failing on the high circuit resulting in a bike that begins to falter above 5000RPM. I had previously noticed this issue, somewhat intermittently but very regularly, above 6000RPM, but yesterday the bike would begin to stutter at anything over 4500RPM. It's really bad. I can't get above 55mph on flat ground in 5th gear. Due to this issue, I took the following route:

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Not far, but it was nice and leisurely. I will likely continue to ride the cx500 as is for a while, but I'm finding it hard to justify doing the repairs. I anticipate a stator and carb rebuild to run $600 or so. The bike is probably worth $500 as is, and with the repairs it's worth MAYBE $800, at most.

I REALLY want a Suzuki DR650se dualsport bike, but am not likely to begin looking at them seriously until this winter. Bummer. I really want to start running dualsport rides, bike camping, etc.

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