Sunday, August 8, 2010

Quick Run to Port Royal

Decided to jump on the bike and run out to Port Royal today. I believe that my fuel deprivation issue is fixed, but I still can't get above 55mph, and I think I'm getting really bad gas mileage. Was planning on running out to Adams and back, but the bike just didn't feel quite right past Port Royal, so I turned around and went to the park instead. I had no problems after that. The map is not 100% right, Drum Lane and Little Hope Road actually join up and I was able to ride into that neighborhood and around, after making a complete loop on Drum. There is something to be said for getting lost on the bike. If it's light out, it is almost no worry at all.

I've only got about 375 miles on the bike so far, but I'm going to make an effort to ride it more this summer, as long as it's a 55mph or slower trip.

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