Thursday, August 19, 2010

Adams has a Dollar General!

Karen had Open House tonight and I worked overnight, so when I was finally up and awake enough to jump on the bike, I decided to swing by her school before open house and take her some food and flowers. I left the house and hit the grooved construction zone on Fort Campbell Blvd. before stopping at the Taco Cart for some burritos. The road was a bit wild, the grooves sort of pulled you around some, but not out of control.

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After stopping at El Tarasco, I headed down Tiny Town and stopped by the school. Karen was surprised, and seemed glad I had brought both the flowers and burrito. She hadn't actually eaten lunch yet, so now she has food for Friday's lunch already at school. After seeing her for about 30 minutes, I jumped back on the bike. I quick glance at the map and I decided to head to Pembroke, Kentucky and then looping back around through Elkton to come home. Just as I arrived in Pembroke, I saw a sign for the Jefferson Davis Monument. I hadn't been there in years, so I figured I go snag some pictures of it. I took a split in the road, just north of Pembroke, and went a bit out of my way, but it was a nice detour and I ditched some trailing traffic in the process.


The monument was being locked up when I arrived, but I've seen it before, so I just snagged a few photos and then headed down the road. I meandered around on some back roads, lots of farmland, tobacco, feed corn and soy beans. Corn was being harvested and tobacco was being worked all over. I was also in Amish/Mennonite areas and saw quite a lot of bikes propped up against trees to prove it. I saw a horse and buggy just outside of Trenton. I never tire of seeing Amish buggies, and I am always awed by the way these people choose to live. I'm very interested in their way of life and always surprised by the new things I hear about them, such as this recent story on NPR about the worldwide Amish/Mennonite newspaper, The Budget:

Back to the ride, once I hit US-41, I realized that there was a cool tunnel under a train track once I crossed back in Tennessee, so I kept my eyes open for it. I found it and snapped a few more photos.


I decided to ride down to Adams, TN. This small community is world famous for the Bell Witch the haunted the Bell family in the early 1800s. It is rumored that Andrew Jackson himself fled the site of the Bell Family's house due to the haunting. I passed through the small community, briefly thinking that one day I need to take the cave tour and see the house more closely then simply driving buy it. Today I didn't even see the house.

I passed through Adams without event and headed back home. I had to get Karen from school, and my behind was starting to get sore. I've GOT to either a better seat (Corbin makes one for way too much money), or I've got to get some sort of a seat pad. I've read amazing things about the Alaskan Sheep seats, but I also understand that there is a $20 ATV seat pad that fits the bike well and helps tremendously. I hope I can find on soon, I'm not sure I can stand to be on the bike for a full tank of gas. I did about 90 miles today, and close to 80 of it was with only 2 very brief stops.

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