Tuesday, March 26, 2013

NYC - Day 4

The Limited Pictures Edition!

I took four pictures today.... woah.

Today was relatively relaxed compared to yesterday. We slept in really late this morning. I took a shower and finally woke Karen up a little before 11. She was zonked out pretty good still and feeling really run-down after yesterdays adventure, and said I should head out on my own. I had been looking into good NYC bagels, and one was relatively close to us in Brooklyn. I decided to go grab some bagels for us both.

Along the way to the Bagel Hole, the G train exits underground, and as it did, I spied the Statue of Liberty briefly. I have only seen her from the air before, and this was far closer. It was pretty exciting, and I can't wait to get a closer look. Unfortunately, it and Liberty Island are currently closed due to flooding damage.

I popped into the Bagel Hole (a real hole in the wall, in the good way) and grabbed two everything bagels with scallion spreads. They put a massive amount of cream cheese on the bagels, but they were very tasty. High quality cream cheese, fresh spicy scallions and perfect bagels with a great blend of crisp and chewy. YUM!

After eating and waking up, Karen said she felt like going out, so she showered, and we decided to hit the MoMA. MoMA was surprisingly not as overwhelming as I expected it to be. It's big, but the displays are spaced out generously. We made out way through the top two floors, seeing some really impressive art, including Starry Night by Van Gogh and The Scream by Edvard Munch. There was a room of a number of Munch's pieces, and his work was hands down my favorites in the museum. His work was really dark, even when I don't think he intended it to be. Karen and I both liked his wood prints, but I think I most likely his lithograph self portrait with his arm portrayed as a skeleton arm.

The lower we went in the museum, the less interested we were in the art, and the crazier shit got. There is some truly crazy "art" on the lower levels. We were both getting pretty worn out by this point, but trudged through the different galleries, except the photography ones, and I did enjoy the architecture section, particularly the planned out communities. There was one print of a planned community on a floating platform in the ocean; was particularly communist propaganda looking, and very neat overall.

Eventually, we made our way out of the MoMA and I had spied a Thai restaurant while still in the building. We popped out on 54th street, practically directly across from New York Thai Grill-Sushi Bar. Sounds like a weird name for a good restaurant, but I was very happy with our food. I had a veggie (non-fish sauce!) pad thai, and it was quite possibly the best I've ever had, veggie or not. We also had steamed vegetable dumplings that were great! Karen had some chicken fried rice dish and she said it was really good.

It was about this time that Karen finally admitted that she (again) made a mistake in not bringing real shoes on this trip. Her feet were absolutely killing her, which was not surprising after wearing All-Star style shoes that were went to not be worn with shoelaces for 4 days. She finally wanted to go grab some tennis shoes, and since we knew that there was a KMart at Penn Station, we decided to head there. Karen bought some new shoes, and we decided to come home and regroup. We got home at 7, and at about 8, I went out and grabbed a cheese pizza for us. It's pretty crazy, a half-way decent cheese pizza is like $8 right around the corner. Sure, I've had better, but not for $8!

Just relaxing here tonight. Tomorrow afternoon we've got tickets to see Kinky Boots and a cruise later that evening. I think we will hit up Times Square (FINALLY!) afterward, and hopefully make it over to foodswings finally. Can't wait to get some vegan poutine.

See all four (4!!!!) of my pictures from today HERE.

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