Wednesday, March 27, 2013

NYC - Day 5

The Less-Painful Foot Edition!

This morning we were in no rush at all, and apparently really tired. I woke up at 5, but went back to sleep around 6:30, and then we both slept until 10! After getting ready, we stopped at Le Paris Dakar bakery in the neighborhood. It's a crepes and French bakery, a French bakery run by a Senegalese woman. Karen had a chocolate croissant, and I had an apple turnover. Both were very tasty and extremely flaky. VERY good. Karen had a coffee and enjoyed it. I had a pineapple-ginger juice. It was really heavy on the ginger and burned the crap out of the back of my throat on the first sip. Unfortunately, the second sip didn't get any better.

We wrapped up, stopped at a bodega and grabbed some water to rinse the ginger out of my mouth, and headed toward the Theatre District. Our show was at 2:00pm, so we located the theatre which already had a small line nearly two hours before show time, and then we walked around checking out the rest of the Theatre District and Hell's Kitchen.

We spied a really good looking burger place, and made a note to come back.

After killing a bit of time, we made our way to the Al Hirschfield Theatre. I won't go into much about the show, other than to say we both absolutely loved Kinky Boots. It was HILARIOUS, touching, and just an all-around great show. Harvey Fierstein, Cindy Lauper, and Jerry Mitchell did an incredible show and I'm very glad that we got to see this show (Thanks for the tip-off Deb)!

After we got out of the theatre, we made our way toward Times Square to see about getting some food. We popped out right into the midst of things, and were surprised by how small it seemed. Camera angles are apparently everthing. Or maybe not, as we later learned. We were walking around when we recalled the burgers place, so we made our way back West to 5 Napkin Burger in Hell's Kitchen.

Karen had the classic and sweet potato fries and was very pleased with both. She said she was having a "Marshall moment" and had found her red door with a green burger sign (if you've seen it, you'll get it). I had the veggie and regular fries. I love thick cut fries, so I was a little surprised by how much I loved the shoestring fries. GREAT! The burger itself was not exactly that great, in my opinion. The patty itself was amazing textured and firm. It contained beets, however, and the flavor was fairly dominant. I'm not a beet fan. It also came with bread and butter pickles (they don't serve dills at all! thank toby I asked for them on the side), and a sauce that I didn't think was that great. I ate much of the burger, and later my stomach was upset.

Karen got a slice of cheesecake, and while I wasn't planning on having any of it, it was a massive piece. It was the lightest, smoothest, fluffiest cheesecake we've ever seen. If this is what New York Style Cheesecake is supposed to be like, NO ONE in the south has ever come close in my experience.

We pointed ourselves back toward Rockefeller Center to use our Top of the Rock passes. We stood in a few long lines to exchange our vouchers for actual tickets for 8:40pm, and then had a little over two hours to kill. We found ourselves walking around the area, popping into the big Sephora, H&M, Sak's (GOOD NIGHT! expensive!) and one or two other places for a while. Eventually, it was our turn to go to the top.

It was cool and windy up top, but totally worth all of the waiting to see the awesome view. not much to say here, the pictures hopefully convey the idea.

After our Top of the Rock viewing, we made our way back to Times Square. What a difference! At night, when it's all light up, it is a much different, and much larger place. Very cool, and I'm really glad we came back after dark. I grabbed some veggie empanadas from gourmet food truck, Nuchas, and scarfed them down. They were just closing as I got them, and literally got all three of the veggie ones that they had left. I expected to like the shiitake curry more than the portobello, but I was mistaken. They were all good, but the portobello was my favorite.

We looked around for a little longer, and finally jumped on the subway. We got back to Brooklyn at about 11.

Tomorrow we are planning on hitting up part of Central Park, and then we have a Harbor Cruise around Manhattan. Tomorrow night, we WILL be eating at foodswings in Brooklyn. I CANNOT WAIT!

HERE ARE the rest of my pictures from today.

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