Monday, May 16, 2011

Washington DC - Day 3

Not much but training happening this week, so daily entries will be short unless something crazy happens. They will basically cover what I had for meals. For lunch today, I had a really tasty Indian buffet at Haandi ( I had a little bit of nearly everything on the buffet, but the best was the tandoor chicken, a minced lamb dish, and a cream-based sauce with chunks of grilled chicken in it. The nan was on par with the best of ever had, and the rice pudding was probably the best I've ever had. The rice had been processed into small round balls, and the pudding itself had a nice, low bitterness to it, but not overwhelming. I suck at describing tastes, let's just say it was great.

For dinner, I wasn't sure what I wanted. I knew I wanted something sort of light, and I was thinking something like a grill with a small cut of meat and some vegetable sides would be good. I had passed a restaurant called Skorpios Maggio's Grill in Vienna, VA. I thought it might be Greek, but I wasn't sure. I hoped they had something light, and I think I found exactly what I wanted. I had green beans (meh, but a lot), roasted potatoes (okay, seasoned okay, the "grease" was great with the pita I got) and 3 AMAZING lamb chops. They were EXCELLENT. Perfectly seasoned, tender, succulent, just perfect. So tasty. It was a bit heavier than I initially wanted, I probably should have had a side salad instead of potatoes. Loved it though.

So, back in the hotel room, going to be catching up on things and studying the rest of the night... yeah.

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