Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Washington DC - Day 5

I guess I've been lying, I'm not actually in DC during the week, I'm actually in Virginia... I don't know why this is important, but I feel the need to clear that up. Anyway......

Not much for today. I ate at a pretty decent Iranian restaurant with some of my classmates for lunch today. They don't have their own domain, but they appear to have a facebook page at We all had the same dish, it was a kebab of filet migon (butterlied flat) and a kebab of kubideh, a ground meat kebab. The kubideh was not as good as the one I had at Afghan on Saturday, but the steak was really good. We received personal instruction from our waiter and learned to slather the rice with butter, and then sprinkle this cool herb on everything. The herb was a dried berry called a Zereshk that is related to barberries ( This tastes really good with a grilled tomato cut up and mixed into the rice, butter, sliced onion and spices. Tasty!

Nothing special this evening. The class all (mostly) went to On The Border to have a few drinks. No drinking on my part, but I took advantage of the free chicken wings. Meh.... Might run across the street to Red Mango for frozen yogurt later this evening, but I've got 2 tests to work on now.

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