Friday, March 9, 2012

Really getting ready now

Just a little more than 2 weeks until my flight leaves Nashville for Lima. Getting excited, but it's sort of not really sunk in where I'm going. To many people, this is probably not that major of a trip, but I haven't been outside of the "first world" in over 25 years, since we moved back from Panama when I was like 6.

I've been creating packing lists, throwing stuff into piles to pack and catalog, and generally debating what all I am taking. I've ended up purchasing quite a few things over the last two months. Some of it is due to weight loss (new cargo pants, wicking t-shirts) and some of it is stuff I've wanted for a while but couldn't really justify previously. I've built up my first aid kit (using an Adventure Medical .7 UL as my base), got all of my electronics sorted (SPOT, GPS, chargers, etc), and most of my gear ready to go. My buddy Matt gave me a Energizer Powercell portable USB charger that I had been eying, I think it's going to work great to charger my iPod and cell phone. The only thing I'm not particularly thrilled with thus far is my actual riding gear. Both of my jackets are a little bit big on me, and the pants and jacket I'm taking are both mesh. The liners should keep me comfortable, but there are quite bulky. I'm a little concerned about getting my pants packed for the flight. Might take some creative cramming. I really wish I had a pair of pants and a jacket that were good from 30 degrees to 100 with only minor adjustments and didn't have 2 liners. I may be breaking down and buying a Klim Badlands setup, but not until later this year.

While I've been getting ready, I've apparently not been paying attention to the news from the Cusco area. I stumbled onto this story ( yesterday. The flooding in the area could potentially have a big impact on where I go while in Peru, or at least how quickly I can make it around. It's my understanding the Machi Picchu is accessible again, Bono had a publicized visit within the last week or so. Just going to roll with the punches, no biggie.

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