Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day 1 Peru

Day 1 Saturday March 24, 2012

This day I have the least amount of notes in my journal as it was a long day and I got to my hostal in Lima about 1:30am or so. I kept a fairly detailed daily journal during the trip, but not so much for Saturday.

Woke up early, fairly excited about getting off the ground and to Peru. My wife and her brother and his wife were slated to depart Nashville International at 1:30pm, and my own flight was scheduled for a 12:06pm departure. Mark and Jessica stayed in Nashville overnight, so Karen and I got up early and had breakfast at G's Pancake house before leaving for Nashville. It was nice to be able to hang out in the airport with all three of them before getting on my plane.

The flight to Atlanta was uneventful, and I had a rather easy 3 hour layover before leaving for Lima.

About 4 months ago, I began to eat vegan again, and was planning on sticking to this as much as possible while in Peru. Suprisingly, I was able to eat vegetarian and nearly vegan for the duration of the trip, but I "fell off the bandwagon" a few days after getting back to the states. It sort of sucks as I would have really liked to sample some of the more traditional Peruvian dishes..... feel so dumb sometimes. meh, whatever. That said, I had the vegan meal options on the flight. They were not very good in either direction, which was a big dissapointment after have really decent vegetarian food on my flight to London last year. The overnight meal to Lima was some sort of grilled vegetable dish that was basically grilled vegetables in a brown sauce. The vegetables were very mushy and not tasty. Fortunately, I had some Larabars with me to hold me over.

The flight was very smooth, with no problems. We flew over Cuba while the sun was still up, which was pretty interesting. I didn't see anything noticable other than some buildings and roads, but possibly as close to Cuba as I'm going to get to seeing Cuba, at least for a long while. We also flew over Panama City Panama, which was neat for me as I had lived near there when I was a kid.

We arrived in Lima about 12:15, and I made it through customs and baggage claim with zero problems. Walked out past all of the waiting cabbies, and out into the parking area to catch a taxi to Hostal Las Fresas ( The ride over showed that the hostal was not in the best neighborhood, but the entrance was on a weird somewhat hidden alley, and once I was inside, I felt completely safe. Very basic room, but at a good price. I paid S70 for the night and a taxi ride that was pre-scheduled for the next morning. After getting to the room, taking a brief shower, and jotting down notes for the day, I crashed out pretty hard.

Hostal Las Fresas in Lima

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