Sunday, December 19, 2010


So, it's apparently official. Our flight to London has been canceled per the airline. The website says it's still on time, but at check we were not able to check ourselves in. We had a wonderfully helpful attendant assist us and she determined that our flight to London was not only canceled, but that we would likely not get to England from NYC for 2 or more days if we choose to continue to JFK today. Instead, we were re-booked to fly from Nashville to Miami to Tampa and finally onto Gatwick. We will be departing 19 hours later than our original plan, and arriving 26 hours later, but better later than never, and better a little late than a lot late!

I'm not super thrilled that we are not flying out until tomorrow, but we were able to find a local hotel with free shuttle service that was willing to let us check in early. After our extremely early beginning (I was on the phone with American Airlines from 3:30-7:20 and never even got a real person) it's actually nice to be in a hotel already. Karen was upset and said she wasn't sleepy but is currently zonked out next to me.

Our current dilemma is to determine whether we want to attempt to do our road trip and only have 3 days in London, or do we only go to Stratford and Stonehenge for 2.5 days and then back to London for the rest of the trip. We will definitely forfeit $225 in  deposits and ticket purchases, possibly $125 in a hotel room, and maybe all of our $240 car rental. The hotel and the car rental would be nice to get back part of it, to at least offset some of the costs of getting a room in London. I would really be heartbroken over not seeing Wales and Scotland, but I'm not sure how passable the roads are right now and 3.5 days in London seems like too short of a period there.

I think it's nap time.

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