Saturday, December 18, 2010

The weather

I'm not too terribly concerned about spending a very snowy 2 weeks in Great Britain, but there is a small chance that we won't get there when we are scheduled to initially! Heathrow International has been closed all day long today. The equivalent flight to our own that was scheduled for today has been cancelled. Fortunately, they are reporting that the airport will be open tomorrow morning, which means that everything should have been operating for nearly 24 hours by the time we are scheduled to land. Hopefully it stays clear and warmer as forecast for the rest of the week.

In a last minute flurry of activity around our house, Karen suggested that we completely rethink our packing strategy. We were not looking forward to dragging luggage around NYC, London, Oxford and Edinburgh and NYC was looking to become a real pain in the butt. Karen asked if we could get all of our luggage into a duffel bag when I said probably not one that we have, but between my 30 liter backpack and a new 60-75 liter backpack we would actually have the same amount of room as our luggage. Our current luggage is 50 liters and 30 liters. So, I headed out to Grandpa's, found a VERY nice 65 technical pack and we are golden now. We packed all of our clothes (4-5 days worth each, we have access to laundry facilities much of the trip), 2 extra pairs of shoes, 6 books, my 12" laptop, our Canon XSi camera with the kit lens, charger, 2 batteries, etc., and more in the two bags. I'm excited, it's going to make navigating the cities much easier.

I'll likely update this tomorrow while in JFK, if I can. 

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